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In-Character, Out-Of-Story

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Welcome to the in-character, but out-of-story journal for the sphogwarts and sphnet communities. Only characters who are part of the SP-Hogwarts and SPH-Net roleplaying games may participate in the SP-Limbo XD community. People wishing to join may follow the games via this journal's Friends page.

This community was created to allow characters who might normally never interact during the games to do so freely, here.

Posts to the SP-Limbo journal can include chat logs as well as comment wars related to Limbo entries.

Life or death is no deterrent to participation. Dead characters may interact with the living.

Any action or revelation that occurs in Limbo is not considered to have taken place in game history unless all parties directly involved in the OOS action or revelation agree to it.

For instance: If, in Limbo, Bast knocks over a glass of tomato juice and spills it on Blaise's best shirt, that action does not happen in the game unless the players of both Bast and Blaise agree to it.

Limbo activity is likely to be more lewd than in either of the games. However, nothing explicit, please. And Death-Eaters, please avoid graphic descriptions of torture and murder, even if it is love-talk between Accia and Giorgio--or Accia and J. ^^

That said, I hope everyone will have a good time in here! SP-Limbo XD is maintained by sp_gravesfamily. Complaints will be handled by the House Elves of Gravesend Manor or by Artemisia and Petrus, when they feel like it.