Isodora C. Radan (radanic) wrote in sp_limbo_xd,
Isodora C. Radan

Bels and Izzy - Making Italian Men's Ears Burn since 1998

Comment log. Bels is back on the project and sets her eyes on a certain Italian. Izzy shows that even the meekest kittens have claws. Or was that supposed to be "Izzy shows Bels that eagles have talons, and Bels shows that snakes have poisoned fangs"? :)

Cameo appearance by Lavender.

Isodora: Licking Blaise's face is innocent? My, things have changed since the year I left *rolls eyes*

Belinda: Oh, that. No, really, darling, if you are horrified by a simple lick, I think you would be most disturbed, shocked, even mortified if you heard of -let alone, saw- the things Nott and I enjoy doing in the broom cupboard. *smirks* Let's just say our performances are ones only superior beings can experience.
However, a girl needs diversity. Right now, I think I found another rather superior being. Naturally, he is nothing like me, but he is still quite, well, hot. I bet he is an extremely performant stallion. *whispers* I've always had a thing for Italian men.

Isodora: *thinks* *mumbles* If it's Marcus I'll bloody well kill her. *thinks some more* YOU DON'T MEAN DAMIAN?!

Belinda: Well, I did mean Marcus. But I think Damian's quite tasteful-looking, so really, either one will do. *smirks*

Isodora: Lay. Your hands. Off. The Ravenclaw. He's not your type anyway. Damian, on the other hand, is full of Slytherin goodness and will fit you perfectly. *does not realise that she has made a potentially lewd remark*

Lavender: *picks up on everything lewd* EWWWW!!! There is NO SUCH THING as "Slytherin goodness"!!! EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! *revolted hugs*

Isodora: *looks confused* What did I say? *puzzled hug back*

Belinda: *smirks* *takes note* Damian huh? *licks lips in a sexy, yet predatory fashion*

Isodora: I have a definite bad feeling about this and yet I can't do anything because I am stuck in Muggle London thinking I'm a widow called Claire. DAMMIT. Somebody get me out of here. It is bizarre, Claire likes numbers! Gross! And the stupid cultists CUT MY HAIR!
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