Seth Graves (sp_sethgraves) wrote in sp_limbo_xd,
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What Will Really Happen at Chez Ivanovich

Chantal: I just had a frightening thought. What if Lav comes, too? And then Parvati could get in on it, and... *giggles*
Lisa: Oh GOD! That would be amusing. They would probably want to redecorate the place XD
Chantal: Seth (letter): "Dear Erzsebet, A bunch of us are going to your father's estate and having a party. We figure it won't be a problem if we trash the place, because it is already trashed. Feel free to join us. Love, Seth"
Lisa: LMFAO!!!!!!!
Chantal: PS: I hope your father liked pink."

And you thought it was going to be some deep, dark rescue mission...
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