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Fun with Lysander

He chose the name Lysander to go undercover at Brannigan's. He used to be a hairstylist. He cooks, cleans and comforts. He sleeps with a not unattractive young woman and does nothing other than sleep with her. Therefore the question had to be asked eventually: Is Lukas Kovacevic, cleric in the Brotherhood of Hecate, gay?

Lukas   *sulkily* I believe I am capable of flirtation.
Contzel   Aww.. *pats his shoulder* Someday, ma- ach, nein I don't, Herr. Flirting ist a start!
Izzy   You almost said 'mate'! *to Lukas* And when do you flirt, and with who?
Lukas   You. All day.
Contzel   I will never say it!! I am watching myself. *quirks a brow* You need a few lessons. You don't seem to flirt. You just seem like a cuddly friend.
Izzy   *is shocked* But you're my hairstylist! And hairstylists are often... well, gay. I thought you and Pavel had something going on.
Contzel   .. *DEAD LAUGHING* Ach mein Gott, me too!! I mean.. Lysander..
Lukas   I was not the one who suggested Lysander.
Izzy   But you agreed to Pavel's suggestion of it.
Contzel   *whispers to Isodora* His lover, obviously. *to Lukas* It's okay. People are pretty tolerant these days.
Lukas   He is not my lover!
Izzy   Just out of curiosity - when did you flirt with me?
Lukas   The cooking? The daily appraisal of what you wear? The tea and embraces when you cry?
Contzel   .. Honey, come out of the closet. Just.. take a deep breath und walk out.
Lukas   I am not gay.
Izzy   Well, what are you doing in your userpic? You're looking at your nails, aren't you? Wondering if you need a manicure.
Contzel   Telling me you never get randy doesn't help your arguement, either. Maybe you've just been looking at the wrong gender.
Izzy   Lukas, you're confusing me, dammit. Please say you're gay and not interested in me, because I don't want to add a third man to my considerations.
Lukas   I would rather you select Marcus.
Izzy   Because he's hotter?
Contzel   I knew he looked at guys!
Lukas   *grumbles* No, because I believe that he can take care of you the way I have, should anything happen to myself. *to Contzel* And I do not look at men the way you imply.
Contzel   Then you're another like Professor Snape, dedicated und/or doomed to celibacy. *nods* He's a priest too, you know.
Izzy   God, what is it with all these priests?! *thinks* Oh, shit, I scarf-danced with a priest?
Contzel   I don't know. I think it's England. Get into Europe und you have more healthy, randy males.

Izzy   *to Lukas, with a grimace* I don't think I'll sleep with you anymore.
Contzel   O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O
Izzy   No! Not THAT kind of sleeping together!
Contzel   *just stares for a moment before nodding* J-ja, okay then! *puts jaw back in position from the agape look she had given*
Izzy   You think I'd sleep that way with a 32-year-old man?!
Contzel   Some girls like older men.
Ben   Don't see why not, since you want to do it with a 26-year-old.
Izzy   I DO NOT!

Izzy   Don't tell people things I tell you when we're in bed!
Contzel   *chokes, again* Will you stop mentioning sleeping together und bed!! Even if it's the other way the mental image ist disturbing!!
Izzy   *shakes head* You have a dirty mind.
Contzel   We Germans are repressed. It happens. Society keeps saying "Nein. Bad." we keep saying. "Ja! Bad!"
Izzy   *cheekily* I sleep with Lukas! Sometimes in my bed, sometimes in his.
Contzel   *eyes Lukas* You're a virgin, aren't you?
Lukas   No, I am not.
Izzy   You aren't?!
Contzel   You aren't?!?! Things just got a whole lot creepier.
Lukas   I have no intention of claiming her virginity.
Izzy   Well, thank heavens for that!
Contzel   When did you loose yours, hm? *curious*
Lukas   Why would you want to know?
Contzel   Because I want to know just how gay this guy ist! If it was with a girl than mein theory ist all blown out of the water! Not celibate or gay!
Lukas   I will have you know that I was married before I joined the Brethren.
Izzy   Oh my god... and I didn't think it could get any creepier!
Contzel   *eyes go wide* Ach mein Gott! HE'S NOT GAY! O_O Nor celibate! Nor.. nor.. I think I'm going into shock.
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